Thursday, April 2, 2009

Walmart 04/02/09

Cat food $3.98 used a $3.50 coupon from
Don't know how much longer these will be available I got mine a few weeks ago.
Kotex $1.00 used two 2/2 Kotex pads from
Kraft $1.49 I had four coupons from this Sundays paper for $1.50/1 so $.01 overage
Cascade $3.97 no coupon but on sale (and we are out)
Glucerna Cereal $3.94 had four coupons for 5/1 $1.06 overage on each one from
So total cost $35.69 (includes Tax)
Coupons $33.50
Left $2.19 OOP Plus I will mail my receipt into and they will give be a $1.00 rebate for each Glucerna Cereal so $4.00 that makes my trip a $1.81 moneymaker.

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