Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Target 04/02/09

So at Target I used all Internet printed coupons (so everyone can do this deal).
I had one 3/3 Johnson's coupon which I used with three Target .75/1 Johnson's products for the Safety Swabs which where only $1.29 that was .46 overage for each one so total of $1.38
The buddies I used two 2/2 Johnson's Buddies coupons which I again used four Target .75/Johnson's on top of. The Buddies soap where only .97 for a overage of .78 each total for all four $3.12.
The Cheetos (found by check out) where 1.29 which I used one 1/1 target Cheetos coupon so they cost me .29
The Coffee is on sale for $6.00 I used one .75/1 Target Dunkin Coffee coupon so cost me $5.25.
Total Cost $5.54
Overage $4.50
Left $1.04
Tax came to $.09
For a total of $1.13 OOP
For Target coupons

For Johnson's Coupons

Thanks to for these deals

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