Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Great way to get some Free CVS bucks

So I tested this deal and it works great.
Purchase $15.00 worth of Command and get $5 ECB
use 6 of the $2.50/1 coupon here
(can print as many times as you want, slow to print)

Now my CVS only had 5 of the medal clips so I found a manager and asked if there was any way he could ring me up for six so I could get my ECB then just write me a paid raincheck for the one I did not get he said yes) if you are not comfortable asking that is fine but make sure you get a raincheck. (coupons do not Exp till 6/22)
I was told that if you purchased 3 at one CVS then the other 3 and a different location your ECB would print out when you reached the 6 or $15.00. (I did not have a chance to test this out)

Thanks to Survivingthestores for this find.


  1. hey courtney! I love this deal! I did it yesterday, it will print when you reach the $15.00. I had to go to 3 cvs's...I paid $.90 out of pocket got 6 hooks, and $5.00 in ECB, also they were out of metal hooks so the guy let me use the coupon on the plastic ones!-Lindsey

  2. Great job!! So for everyone out there CVS will track your purchases and pay out the ECB when you buy all the right product does not better if you have to go to different stores.