Monday, April 27, 2009


I had a coupon party this weekend and I talked about Caregivers. Most of the ladies at the party had not heard of the company so I wanted to take this opportunity to tell everyone about this great company.
Their mission is to ease some of the financial burden for everyone who is caring for a loved one be it a baby, friend who is sick or the elderly.

They offer cash back to you when you buy eligible products anywhere they are sold.
All you need to do to receive cash back on your purchases is print a cash back request form, shop for eligible products and send in your original receipts with the completed cash back request form. Once verified, your cash back check will arrive in the mail within 4-6 weeks.

The same cash back form will show you the list of eligible products, if you go over the list and have bought some of these products within the last 2 months and you still have your receipts you can get your rebate.

What to do next

Log onto Caregivers and Enroll

Go through old receipts if you have them (only ones for 2009) or wait till you buy eligible items . Once you have 5 items mail in your form and original receipts and wait for your rebate check. (The minimum amount of items you can mail in is five but there is no maximum so you can wait till you have 20 if you want)

Every penny counts and programs like this our a great opportunity for people to save money.

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