Sunday, April 5, 2009


This Sunday the Detroit Free Press has 5 coupon inserts. So make sure to pick up a few, next week there may be no coupons in Sunday paper. ( I will double check but they will normally not have coupons on holidays).

So here is a great way to use RR to get some free papers by buying toothpaste. Go to Walgreen's buy the Colgate Total 4oz at $3.49 and get $3.49 in RR back if you have a coupon then you will pay even less OOP put still get the $3.49 in RR. I am going to do four different transactions first

Just one Colgate I have a .75 coupon so OOP $2.74 a $3.49 RR will print and end of order.
I will do this three times make sure to do separate orders.

Then I will take my $10.47 in RR and pick up 4 papers in my area the papers are $1.75 so that will use up $7.00 make I will only use 2 of my $3.49RR. I will save the other for next week papers or something else I need.

Remember if you give them $10.47 in RR and your order is only $7.00 you will just loose the remaining amount.

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