Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Saving your receipts can be a hidden money maker!

Saving your receipts and keeping them organized can be a easy source of money. There are a few ways keeping your receipts will be useful. First like I show in my photo price adjustments. This was at Kroger, I bought six blocks of Kroger's cheese last week it was marked down to $1.99. My kids love homemade mac and cheese so when it is on sale I stock up. Well imagine my surprise when in this weeks add it was on sale for even less, $1.28 that is $.71 cheaper than what I made for it last week. So I grabbed my receipt, which I leave in my car, and took it into the service desk. I told them I would like a price adjustment for the cheese they said it was not there policy but I asked nicely and if they could please check with the manger to see if they would do the adjustment and they did. So I received $4.26 back for my cheese. I also had found two coupons that did not scan when I checked out so they added those to my total also, taking me to $5.75 refund which I had them put back on my card.

If you had purchased an item other then food and they will not give you a price adjustment then you can just purchase the item at the sale price then return the item with your old receipt and the higher amount. Stores can not resell food so even if the food never leaves the store they will not be able to resell it, so I do not recommend doing this for food items.

Also, keep your receipts and take the time to look them over. If they did not give you the sale price or your coupons did not ring up, take them to the service desk they will give you a refund for any overages or missing coupons. I have also taken back receipts from my husband who ran to the store and bought items that I had coupons for they normally give me cash back for these.

Another good reason to keep your receipts are Rebates and Recalls. If you have your receipts, you can take advantage of any recalls that come up for items you have purchased. Also I have found out about rebates that I had already bought products for that are covered under the rebates dates. For example, I bought Crest Pro Health three weeks ago and then just the other day found a rebate for a free coupon for Crest Pro Health with the purchase of any Crest Pro Health tooth past and my purchase fell within the rebate dates. All I had to do was fill out the form and mail them my receipt.

So keep your receipts and keep them organized to take advantage of this easy source of money. I have an envelope for each month with my receipts in them. I also keep the last three months of receipts in my car so that if I run into a opportunity for a price adjustment I can do it that day. Most stores will only give you a price adjustment if it is within two to four weeks but you can normally do a return between 30-90 days.

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