Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Great savings at Meijer and Target

Great saving
at Meijer
OOP $11.27
Plus a $1.00 of my next order printed out at Meijer so $10.27 Wow!!
Savings $132.43

Break Down Meijer
Frenches Mustered on sale for $1.00 used a $.50 coupon from site below (Meijer's Doubles so free)
(click on printable coupons to the left. It will also let you print some other coupons make sure to click on the Franks Red hot you can take that coupon to Meijer also and they will double to a dollar to make the small hot sauce free.

That was it for Meijer today my total for two mustard's was $0.00 and a $1.00 off your next purchase printed so a money maker.

Target Break Down
6 boxes of Johnson's Safety Swabs @ $1.29 each (used a $0.75 Target and $1.00 Manf coupon to make a $.046 money maker for each one)

8 bars of Johnson's Buddies Soap @ $0.97 each (used a $0.75 Target and $1.00 Manf coupon to make a $0.78 money maker for each one) Note: two of my Manf coupons the cashier priced down to $0.97 this is normal some times a cashiers will give you the overages for on a coupon others times they will not.

Links for Manufactures Johnson's coupons (Thanks to for these links)
Link for Target coupons (can find the Dunkin Donuts and Johnson's coupons here)

4 bags of Dunkin Donuts Coffee on sale for $6.00 used a $0.75 Target coupon and $1.50 Manf coupon from 4/5 insert to make $3.75 each

1 Eight pack of Bounty Paper Towel was $6.49 used a $1.00 Target coupon from mail and a $.25 manf coupon from 4/5 insert to make $5.24 (this was not the best deal on paper towel but I was out)

2 All small & Mighty laundry detergent was $4.54 used a $1.00 Target coupon here And a $2.00 Manufactures coupon to make $1.54 each. There are still Manf coupons out there but they are now only $1.00 here

Last the 7 bags of Purina One dog food was a great find these where on a end cap and on clearance for $2.74 each I had $3.50 coupons for any Purina dog or cat food. You can find these at (make sure to back space to print two)
These are great coupons even if you can't find this deal. Dog and cat food add up fast if you don't have pets print them up and give them to someone who does.
The cashier ran my coupons for the hole $3.50 each making this find a $0.76 money maker each. There was a chance she would price my coupon lower so the item would have only been free. Which still would have been a great deal.

Total overages came to $14.26
Total for the products that did not have a overages $23.32
So I paid $9.06 plus tax $2.21 OOP $11.27 (my receipt says $12.27 they missed a coupon I had to go to the service desk and they gave me my $1.00 for the coupon that did not scan) I always check my receipts I have so many coupons it is easy for one not to scan.
(Receipt does not show saving for dog food which was normally $11.24 a savings of $8.50 a bag for a total of $59.50)

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