Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Free at Target

Dry Idea is on sale for $2.00 print a $2/1 at Coupon.com
(remember you can get rainchecks when stores are out of sale price items)

These Cheerios boxes are only $1.00 print a $1/1 at bricks.coupons.com
I was going to use the last of by$2/2 & $3/3 Johnson and Johnson coupons topped with the Target $.75/1 coupons and the cashier gave me a hard time about the overages. Normally as long as neither coupon is more then the actual product then I get my overages for the Target coupons towards my other items.
Since they gave me a hard time I just asked for the items to be taken of my order and took my coupons back. I will purchase them the next time I am at Target and hopefully the cashier will be in a better mood.

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