Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Great way to pick up a free gift or a little something for yourself

If you click on this link Dots and fill out a short survey you will be able to print a $10 off coupon.
This coupon is good 4/24-5/11 and there is no minimum purchase required.
You can pick out a item for under $10 and it is just free. ( they will not give you money back if your purchase price is under $10)

Also the coupon says One coupon per customer per transaction, so my husband will also be filling out the survey on his computer & I will be able to use his coupon. (two different transactions)

For a list of Dots locations click here.

I have two kids and a big family & the kids are always getting invited to Birthday party's and at least once a month someone in the family will have a birthday. Top that with Teachers day and Mothers day the list just does not stop. So even if I don't have a need for a gift this week I might next week. I will most likely be able to pick up some jewelry or a purse for free with this coupon and I will keep it in a special gift place till I need it.
This will save my family a lot of money and allow me to give a gift when I might not other wise be able to.

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