Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Take a Free trip to Meijer

Total OOP (Out of Pocket) $0.00
Savings $37.72

Sweet Baby Ray's Grilling and Dipping Sauce is $.99
There are coupons for $1/1 in the 5/1o insert (was on front page)
the BBQ sauce is on sale but the smaller bottles, the coupon is for the bigger ones or two of the small ones, so they would be $.50 each. I will wait to see if I can get free I have allot of BBQ sauce.

Green Giant Steamer are on sale for $1
There was a $.50/1 coupon in the 4/5 insert.

Meijer will only double the first two coupons so I had to do three orders to get six bags of Steamers.
I went to the self check out and all the coupons scanned. (did not need a cashier to help)
Check out a couple of the receipts below I did not even pay tax it was just free. Cool :)



  1. does your Meijer double up to a 1?-Lindsey

  2. No they only Double $.50 or lower. And only on the first two of the same coupon. Does yours?

  3. nope. for some reason, every time I go to the store I end up paying more than I thought I would. Maybe the prices are different. I don't know..but it's getting annoying. With Walgreen's I have rr's so I go to get the products that will do my rr roll overs and they are out at the products at all 3 Walgreen's near me, but the rr expire that day...This might be getting to complex for me to enjoy!-Lindsey

  4. Walgreens can be a pain I hate that they make there RR so hard to use. I have had them exp on me and have also had to just use them on items I need because like you I could not roll them. One good thing about some walgreens is they have allot of good clearance deals if you have to get something do use your RR on I would check out there clearance.