Friday, May 1, 2009

CVS deals week of 5/3

Few new updates before I get to the sales. CVS has a new monthly book 99% of it is pretend coupons. I say pretend since they do not have to be cut or scanned it really is just a sale. I would love the old ones to come back that had more ECB deals. If you feel the way I do please send a e-mail to CVS and let them know. Here is a link to their e-mail Form .

On a better note CVS has new Coke & Pepsi Peelies & Hanging Coupons. I talked to two different store managers and both said it was fine to take the coupons even if you are not purchasing the product it was attached to. I would only take 2-3 of each this way there is some for everybody. If you want more then 2-3 go to a few CVS to pick up more.

The $0.50 peelies for Coke will double at most supermarkets so I will hold onto mine to see if they go on sale somewhere for $0.99 making them only the $0.10 deposit . The $1/4 Pepsi products coupons are also good.

Since I am talking pop coupons you can print off BOGO free coupons for Sierra Mist Here.

There are really only two deals this week at CVS that don't require any OOP (out of pocket) money.
Colgate Max White or Max Fresh Toothpaste $2.99 get $2 ECB

Use $1/1 from 4/26 or 4/19 insert to make free (Limit 2)

Zantrex-3 Insta shot 2 pack $4.99 get $4.99 ECB . (Limit 1)

If you don't have ECB to roll and would have to pay cash for these items. Make sure they are items you want if you don't want or need them I would wait for another opportunity to get ECB.

But if you have ECB to roll then these are just free items you can keep or give away.

I like to keep my OOP expense as low as possible & I normally will only post the deals that cost the least OOP and are easy to do.

To see a full list of sales at CVS check out

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