Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My First big Kraft pick up

6 Kraft Mayo (free)
4 Packs Hot dogs ($0.25 each)
1 Mircale Wip (free)
6 Kraft Dressing (free)

8 Triscuit ($.04 each)
7 Wheat Thins ($.04 each)
Target just changed these coupons to $1/2 they where $1/1 so now they would be $.54 each for the Wheat thins and Triscuits.
2 Nabisco 100 calorie packs ($.04 each)

Total for two stores OOP $1.68 Savings $57.48

Check out the Meijer post and the Target post below for links to coupons to pick up everything in photo.


  1. I LOVE that you pick some of the best deals to put on here and you don't load you blog with a bunch of non-since! Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading your blog each day! You need to get some people to advertise on here so you can start making money for what you do!!-Lindsey Rogers

  2. Thanks so much I love when I get comments:) I am working on the advertising I have to make my page bigger so there is room and I have not figured out the code for that yet. Thanks for your kind words it means allot to me to know that the work I do is helpfull.

  3. My coupons are in my van but don't the Crystal Light coupons say something about 14 count or larger? I may be thinking of another coupon but I could swear that they had a count restriction on them. (Might have been the bogo one)

  4. Oops I think this comment went under the wrong post, I meant for it to go under the free 3 count crystal light at target

  5. I figured it out, its the Target coupon that said 14 count or larger! At least I am not going crazy hahaha

  6. I the most recent post for Crystal light you won't need to use a Target coupon just makes it a little easier at check out. But you don't get as much as the earlie posted deal.