Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Easy Trail offer and will only cost you $1.00

Some of you may have seen adds or heard about Trail offers and Free items, but like most of us where nervous of hidden print or scams.
Well this Easybakeware offer is real. Each month you are able to log in and pick from anyone of there items of the month and they will send to you for only $1. There is one point in the order process where you will need to write the number down so that you can call and cancel the trial offer they sign you up for (if you don't want to join). Print off and follow the steps below if you are nervous about doing your first trial offer, but it is easy and you can do each month I love it.
Sounds like a lot of steps but I wanted to go into detail for first timers to trial offers. Only takes a minute and is really easy.

Step one click on the below link and pick out the product you would like.
Step two a screen with the item you choose and the amount (should just be 1) will appear click add to bag.
Step three a screen will appear showing your item click check out
Step four screen will ask where you want your item shipped fill out and click save shipping and check out
Step Five screen will say spread the word just click complete order
Step Six check out screen click the circle for $1 shipping, then fill out or payment information.
NOTE: at the bottom of this screen will be the Offer Details in this you will find a number wright that down if you wish to cancel the offer. You will have 7 days to cancel if you don't then your card will be charged about $29 depending on the offer. If I do not want to do the offer I always cancel as soon as I get my order confirmation e-mail (same day) then click place order
Small screen will appear for Password choose a password.
Step seven order summery page print for your records.
Last step check your e-mail and cancel if you want. I normally just get a machine and never have to talk to a person.

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