Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kroger and Rainchecks

So you have all seen my post about the Kroger in Howell that doubles coupons up to $1 (making a $1 worth $2) Now I know some of my readers don't live close to Howell (I am still waiting for Kroger to send me a list of other stores that double $1 coupons) so I have a plan:)
When I do my Howell Kroger post and the items I show as a great deal run out at your Kroger ask for a Raincheck. This raincheck can be used at any Kroger store even Howell:) they are good for 30 days normally. So if you are able to grab a raincheck for the best items each week then once a month you could go to the Howell Kroger and pick up 4 weeks of deals this would make a long trip worth it.
If you do pick up a raincheck remember that the Kroger Howell will only double the same coupon three times so get your rainchecks with the qty of three, if your coupon is $1/2 then get your raincheck for 6. (if you have 5 coupons for $1/1 and want to use them all, get one raincheck for 3 and another for 2 so you can do two orders)
So this week at Kroger the FREE items are..
Kraft BBQ is on sale for $1.48 us the $1/1 at to make free
Velveeta Dinners are on sale for $1.61 us the $1/1 from to make free
Oscar Mayer Bologna is on sale for $.99 us the $1/2 Coupon at to make two Free
Mentos gum are on sale $10/10 use the $.55/1 coupons from 5/3 insert to make free
Trident gum is $1.29 (normally so do not need a raincheck) use the $.75/1 Coupon form 5/10 insert to make free.

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