Monday, May 11, 2009

Kraft Coupon Deals at Meijer

Meijer and Kraft coupon deals: By Barbara Thompson (Courtney's Mother)

Went to Meijers today loaded down with coupons. They have their Kraft mayo on sale for 2/$4. Both the 24oz and the 32oz sizes are on sale, so grab the larger size. As a bonus each one of the mayo's had a pellie on the lid, "buy 2 and save a dollar" it says " buy now" but the expiration date is 5/31/10 so hold onto them, and if that isn't enough at my meijers they also had coupons attached to the boxes that said with every purchase get 1.00 off a loaf of bread. There is no specific bread listed, so just grab your favorite or whatever is on sale. So this is how it works:

32oz Kraft mayo 2/$4.00
use $1/1 from Smartsource
use $1/1 from meijers mealbox = FREE + a coupon to use later + $1.00 off a loaf of bread! SWEET DEAL!

I also picked up Miracle Whip using the same scenario=FREE

Kraft Ranch dressing is $1.58 for th 16oz.
Use $1/1 from Smartsource Use $1/1 from meijers Mealbox =FREE +overages

Pert Plus for Men is on sale for 2/$5.00
I had 2 $1/1 coupons I had printed from computer so I got the 2 for $3.00 + they have a "pellie" on the label "Try me for free". You can print out a rebate form from the computer and they will send you back the purchase price up to $3.99. Just be sure if you do this deal that you purchase each Pert seperately, because you need to send in the original receipt with each rebate form.

Softsoap is on sale for $.99
use $.40/1 from 4/16 insert double to make .19 each

Oscar meyer Hotdogs (Bun size and Weiner size) are 4/$5.00
use $1/2 from Smartsource
use $1/2 from meijer Mealbox = $.25 cents

Kraft BBQ is $1 at some Meijer
Use the $1/1 From Smartsource to make free

I am sure that there are more deals out there but these are the ones that I was most interested in today.

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