Thursday, July 30, 2009

Target TOY Clearance 30-75% off

So my Sister Liv was at Target today and saw all the Toys marked down and she was nice enough to give me a call and let me know THANKS!! So I went to the Brighton Target and they had a lot of there toys marked any where from 30% to 75% off. I was able to pick up $91.96 worth of toys for only $22.92 (used $15 in Gift cards so only paid OOP $7.92). This will save me even more money when the Birthday party's & Holidays start coming around. When I spoke to a worker he said all Targets where getting rid off the old items to make room for the new.



  1. Courtney,
    Hey, Glad that you could get to target to take advantage of the toy clearance! As a avid shopper of target for many years. I thought that I would let you in on a little secret! They do the toy clearance in January and also in July/August! The toy mark downs are usually on thurs, so its best to go in the morning. If the toys have not been marked down yet and don't have a sticker on them, they will not ring up the 75% off. They have to re-price them before they will ring up right. -Lindsey

  2. I guess my post may be a little on clear. So here is what I mean. The toys were 50% off, I always go in the morning on thurs to see which ones they have marked down. They were not marked down when I got there, but I knew it was going to be today, so I grabbed the toys that I wanted and took them to a person doing mark downs, because if they don't mark each toy with the new price and tag, they will not come up as the new clearance price.