Friday, July 17, 2009

Last Minute Kroger Deals

Sorry these are so last minute today was the first chance I had to go to Kroger and shop. (deals are good through Sunday)

So a couple good deals to go with the buy 10 items get $5 off your purchase. (no limit mix and match)

Soft Soap $1.50 (part of 10/$5)
Use $1/1 HERE (use zip code 45435)
These will be only $.50, free if you go to a super Kroger (they are also on sale for $1 at Meijer so free)

SpeedStick is $1.50 (part of 10/$5)
Use $1.50/1 HERE (zip code 19347)
These are just free if you can print 10 then this is a $10 Money Maker. (since they don't need to double you can use all 10 coupons. If cashier give you a hard time ask for a manager. There policy is they only double 3 coupons you should still be able to use more they just don't get doubled) (if you don't use coupon save it, it will be good at CVS this Sunday)

Keepler Fudge Shop $1.99 (part of 10/$5)
Use $1/1 HERE
Final Price if you buy 10 is $10 get $5 back so only $5.00 then send in for the Kellogs Rebate for another $10 Making this a $5 Money Maker (click on the $80 in savings link at bottom Right)
If you live by a Super Kroger the first three coupons will double making this a $8. Money Maker

Playtex Handsaver Gloves $1 (part of 10/$5)
Use $1/1 in the 5/3 SS Insert
Use $1/1 in the 6/28 SS Insert
Final Price is free (if you got 10 of these it would be a $5 money maker, I had to get a raincheck)

Yoplus + or Fiber One is $2.49 (part of 10/$5) (better deal at a Super Kroger)
Use $1/1 Coupon from 7/12 RP insert (Finer One)
Use $1/1 Coupon from 6/7 SS insert (Yoplus)
Final Price at a Super Kroger is $.49 (they will double first three coupons)

One Senerio for a Super Kroger is
3 $1.50 Soft Soaps (use three $1 coupons will double)
3 $2.49 Yoplus (use three $1 Coupons will double)
4 $1.50 SpeedStick (use four $1.50 coupons don't double)
Cost after coupons is $1.47 then you get $5 of your order ($3.53 money maker)
3 Soft Soaps



  1. 19347 zip code won't work for the SoftSoap....?

  2. OOPs I had the Soft soap and Speedstick zip codes mixed up. Thanks for letting me know I fixed on the post. Use 45435 to get the soft soap.