Thursday, July 23, 2009

Splash Universe Free Pass

If your looking for something to do with your children today through the 26th of July, Have We Got A Deal For You!! Splash Universe, in Dundee MI, is doing a food drive and giving away a full days pass to the water park for a mere 10 non-perishable items. If your interested in only a half a days pass you can bring in 6 non-perishable goods. The free pass must be used on the day you bring in the goods. Children 2 and under are free, you have to be 36" tall to ride alone, other wise they must ride with an adult. For directions and more information about the water park go to Splash Universe's web-page. So pack up the kids, the swim suits, and non-perishable items for a great adventure at Splash Universe! Maybe we'll see you there!


  1. This information is slightly incorrect. The food drive is to support the Salvation Army of Monroe. The drive will continue until Sunday, July 26th, however; you DO NOT have to redeem immediately. Vouchers can be issued for use between now and September 30, 2009.

    Children who are 1 and under are FREE.

    The Goldmine Adventure Slides do have height requirements. Individuals must be 36" tall to ride with an adult in a double tube, those who are 42" tall may ride independently.

    For more information check out or call 734-529-5100

  2. Last time I checked, I thought that the Salvation Army was considered part of the community? Anyways, as the blog says (and you pretty much just re-stated), there are height requirements, children who have not reached the age of 2 (even if only days away) are free, and they are now issuing vouchers. Now that we have stated, repeated, and restated the same information, I believe everyone will understand. The web page is listed above, or you can just use the link posted in the blog above if you find that easier. Hope no one got confused from the mass restating of information! haha

  3. Thank you for posting this deal. I went with my 3 kids yesterday and we had a blast. I used the 40 AMPS that I had collected over the week. I really enjoy your blog and the appreciate the deals you post.
    thank you, Terry

  4. Thanks Terry for the nice comments, I am so glad you find the information on the site usefull.