Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I mention rainchecks a lot and wanted to take a minute to go over why I think they are so great.

The photo above shows items I picked up all in one day from rainchecks. All the items but the Lysol Neutra Air I got with Rainchecks from Kroger. The Lysol was a raincheck from Meijer, the cat I already had but he really wanted in this photo his name is StirFry)

When ever a store runs out of a sale item I want I ask for a raincheck (even if they are out because I just took all of them:) That way I will have 30 more days to get more and I don't have to worry about making extra trips just to pick up one item & can just check back when I do my regular shopping to see if they are in stock. Sometimes I will ask for rainchecks on items I have no coupons for in the hopes that before my raincheck expires a coupon will be available.

At the Kroger Howell they will only allow you Three of one item rainchecks allow me to come back the next week and do the deal again. Normally at least one of the items for sale will be out, if the deal is on BBQ and they have a lot but are out of Honey BBQ sauce then you can get a raincheck for Honey.......

It is important to get rainchecks in a amount you can use if it is Kroger you can only do three of the same coupon so get two rainchecks for 3 each. I will also go to my local Kroger and get a raincheck that I can use at the Kroger in Howell that double coupons up to a $1. A raincheck for Meijer is good at any Meijer, the same applies to Kroger, CVS.....

Make sure you check your expiration dates on both your coupons and rainchecks, your coupon could exp before your raincheck.

I hope that all made since if you have any questions on rainchecks or want to add your tip on rainchecks please leave comments.


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