Wednesday, June 24, 2009

VG Triple coupons now through July 19th UPDATE

My trip to VG's 6/19 total savings $24.49 total OOP $.45
Kings Hawaiian Rolls $2 Free after $.75/1 coupon here (in deli are)
Mahatma $1.29 Free with $.50/1 4/26 RP Insert
Chi-Chi Salsa is on Sale for $2 only $.35 after $.55/1 coupon from 5/17 SS
Lipton Tea $1.19 Free after $.50/1 Coupon (this sundays paper)
Mentos $1.49 Free after $.55/1 coupon from 5/3 or 6/21 SS insert
French's Worcestershire $1.35 Free after $.50/1 coupon from 5/10 SS insert
I love my readers thanks to someone who remained anonymous, they gave me a few more great deals at VG's

Taco bell Shells and Dinner kits have Peelies on them for $.50 and $.75 making both items free. (they are marked down right now 30%)

Lipton Tea 16pack is $1.19 Free after $50/1 Coupon (paper)

Sauve Det is on sale for $1.99 Free after $.75/1 Coupon (paper)

I finally made it out To VG's Total savings is $45.91 Total Spent $2.59 Here is a quick brake down of what I got (see comments for more savings from other readers)

Ducan Hines Freezer Brownies are 50% off free after $.75/1 Coupon (paper)

Mr Clean Erasers are $2.29 are $.04 after $.75/1 Coupon from HomeMade Simple coupon Book

Smuckers Ice Cream Topping are in sale for $2.19 Free after $.75/1 Coupon (paper)

Nestle Choc Milk (small size) $1.69 was $.16 after $.50/1 Coupon from All you Mag

Kraft BBQ sauce is $1.33 Free after $.55/1 Coupon (paper)

McCormik fake Vanilla is $2.49 Free after $.75/1 (paper)

McCormick Grill Made packs are $1.39 Free after $50/1 Coupon (paper)

French's Mustard $1.49 Free after $50/1 coupon (paper)

Lawry Seasons are $1.79-$1.59 - $29-$.09 after $50/1 Coupon (paper)

Wet Ones are $2.69 - $.44 after $.75/1 Coupon (paper)

1/2 & 1/2 is $1.99 - $.94 after $.35/1 Coupon (paper)

Please list any thing you find that I missed in the comments

Also they are not giving ovarages. Bring in your bags for $.05 each


For a whole Month VG's will be Tripling coupons up to $.99 !!

I am sure there are going to be some good deals with this.I will check out and see what I can find (post later) but if you are a VG's shopper and find some good deals please leave them in the comments for everyone.

(Thanks to my Mom Sandy for the find)



  1. One of my readers sent me the deals she picked up this week at VG's

    French's dried onions small can .69 cents each after .50 MFG coupon

    Lawry Seasoning salts .19 cents after .50 MFG

    Eddies Single frozen pies (2 slices) .74 cents after .75 MFG coupon

    Welches Grape sqeezeable jam .54 cents after .50 MFG coupon

    Mahatma Brown Rice Free after .50 MFG coupon

    Smuckers Chocolate Ice cream toppings are .14 cents after .75 MFG coupon

    Jello Puddings are .54 cents after .60 MFG coupon

    Lipton tea bags (small box) Free after .50 MFG

    Kraft BBQ Free after .50 MFG coupon

    Mentos Gum Free after .55 MFG Coupon

  2. I went to my local VG's tonight and the cashier allowed coupon overage. My total came to -$1.77. I didn't think they were allowing overage, otherwise I would have found fillers. Anyway, the manager came over and said that wasn't right and adjusted some of the coupons down, so my total came to $.16. Another thing I found out is that any coupon which says "do not double" they will not subject to double or triple. Just wanted to let the other readers know.

  3. Thanks Amanda for the update this week has still been so busy I have not made it out yet. If you found some new Items if you have time please list in the comments:)
    Thanks Courtney

  4. I purchased the following items:

    - Mentos gum: I was able to get 2 free, they wouldn't take my other coupons as they said "do not double"
    - Ortega taco seasoning: I had $.75 off 2 and they were $.83 each, so these were free after coupons

    I'm going to go back when I have more time to see what else I can get for free or super cheap.
    - McCormick Spices: I had $.75 off and they were $2.29 so they were $.04 each
    - Kraft BBQ Sauce: free (as mentioned in 1st comment)

  5. thanks for the updates I hope to get there soon.

  6. Courtney,

    Where are the VG's at? I need to go!-Lindsey

  7. Here is a link to the VG's Store locator

  8. Growing up on the Eastside, how come I have never heard of this chain until now? Wow...if only I was still living in Grosse Pointe! Aweswome deals!!!

  9. I live right down the rode from a VG's but this is the first time I have really shopped there. Their prices with out the triple coupons are normally much higher then other stores if it makes you feel any better:) I sometimes wish we had Publix up here:)

  10. VG's used to have a "Meal Deal", wish they would bring those back. If you bought a certain cut of meat,roast, you would get the rest of the meal for free...bag of potatoes, carrots, onions, dinner rolls, and a cake.

  11. That would be great I will ask if that is something they plan on doing again in the future.