Friday, June 26, 2009

Free Softlips at CVS

If you where able to pick up the CVS Store Coupons book
in it there is a coupon for $1/1 Oxy but in small writing it also say Softlips.

Softlips are now 75% off the single size not the packages so they are ringing up for only $1
That makes them FREE I was able to pick up four. This is my favorite chapstick so I am wishing I picked up more coupon books:)

Thanks Kim for this deal



  1. What CVS has them single size? I stopped at one in Howell and only saw them double.

  2. They might have been out or just somewhere else in the store. I found some at both the Brighton CVS they where on end caps in clear bins with other single chapsticks. They where not with the other packaged chapsticks. I hope they are not all out I just found one more coupon.