Friday, June 5, 2009

Tip Time

Today's tip is on how to get the most out of your Catalina coupons. These are the coupons that print next to your receipt looks like above.
Types of Catalina

Manufactures or Store coupons for specific items like $.50/1 of Coke two liter
(check fine print to see if it say "do not double" if it is a store coupon you can stack with a Manf and if it is a Manf coupon you can stack with a Store one)

Manufactures coupon for money of any item like $2 of your next purchase.
(you normally get these for buying specific items check out this deal for example)

Store coupons for discounts like $8 off a $100 purchase

Ads for upcoming deals or promotions. They will sometimes tell you about a Catalina deal coming up in the future so always good to read

Free items, I have received Catalina for free Waffles and Ketchup

When using the $2 of your next order coupon you have to make sure not to have more coupons then items. So if you have 5 items with 5 Manf coupons but your final order still comes to $2 you can't try and use the $2 of your purchase since you already have a Manf coupon for 5 items.
(you could grab a $.50 candy bar then use the $2 coupon since you now have 6 items and the extra $1.50 will go towards your balance)

Meijer will take Catalina's from their competitors so Kroger, Walgreen's...
(this includes Walgreen's RR's though I would go through self check out so they do not give you a hard time. I tested this out three times this week and had no problems I even called Meijer and they confirmed they do take other store Catalina's)


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