Thursday, January 14, 2010

Save a Little give a Little

By now you know about the devastating earthquake that has hit Haiti. I had the chance to go to Haiti a year ago this month with a organization called Raincatchers. We landed in the capital which is now destroyed and drove up into the mountains to help install raincatchers that would bring clean drinking water to people who desperately needed it. On our way home we stayed at hotel that is now no more.

I can not even begin to imagine how scared and helpless all those involved must feel. It seems like a overwhelming situation, but I know from being there that the people of Haiti our strong and have great faith.

Please if you can give even a small amount to a charity in care of Haiti it will make a difference. I am a strong believer that many people doing small acts of kindness will be multiplied 10 fold by god. We can make a difference it might seem small but all of us together can save lives.

There are many great charity's out there and maybe you have already given, but if you have not and can or you can give more please consider giving to or the Salvation Army...

My heart felt prayers go out to the people of Haiti and all those who are helping.


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