Thursday, January 28, 2010

123Save is back up!!

So as some of you might have noticed on 1/20 my blog was not longer able to be found:(
Blogger had taken me down thinking I was a SPAM blog which is a blog that does not post just funnels people to other sites (normally bad ones). They agreed that my site was one of the many false positives but it still took almost a full 8 days to get back up.

So thanks to all of you who are still checking back in to see when I will be back up:)

I will be posting CVS tomorrow and Meijer and Super Kroger Sunday night. I also might add a new post for VG's who now has a few store's that are doubling coupons up to $1 ( I will also post a list those locations)



  1. Oh no! That happened to me for 15 days December 12th or so. So sorry to hear! Glad you are back.

  2. Thank you:) it was a very hard 8 days but I did hear from a lot of people who had it worse so I guess I am lucky it was only 8 days:) thanks for your kind words:)

  3. So happy to have you back up and posting!!!

  4. Thanks:) It feels good to be back!