Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Great deals at Walgreens (money makers)

I don't often post Walgreens their RR's Program is a little complicated and harder to spend.
But there are some GREAT deals this week so I don't want anyone to miss out.

OneAdays (Powdered drink mix) $.99
Buy Two and get a $3 RR's
Buy Three and get a $5 RR's
$1-$2 money maker

True North Snacks are $3 get a $3 RR
Free after RR

CareFree Ultra Protection Pantiliners are $1.99 get $2 RR
Use $1/1 From 8/30 SS insert
Final price is a $1 Money Maker after coupon and RR

Triaminic, Strips and liquid 2/$10 get a $5 RR (when you buy 2)
Use the $2/2 Walgreens Coupon found in store in the Healthy Saving Booklet (small square, white and free) (they will scan once and $4 will come off)
Final price is only $1 for both after RR and coupons.
Great deal since cold season is coming up:(

There are so many scenarios for these items I am just listing one
2 one a days pay $2.10 Get $3 RR
then buy
1 True North use $3 RR pay nothing get $3 RR
then buy
3 OneAdays and one small Item (I bought chapstick on sale for $.25) use $3 RR pay about $.25 Get $5 RR
then buy
2 Triaminics use $4 in coupons and $5 RR pay about $1 get a $5 RR
You can then take that $5 RR and start all over with say 1 True North and 2 one a days........

I did 25 orders my sister did 7 and we paid about $10 OOP (out of pocket) and got back $55 in RR!!!!

If you are unsure how to use RR please read this POST before you hit the store. Thanks to Dealseekingmom for these Walgreen deals.


  1. Where did you find the one a day's? I live in Brighton. I went to the Walgreens in HOwell and the store on West grand river in Brightn and did not have any luck finding them. The sales clerks were no help. Margaret

  2. I found mine on a side/end cap by the vitmans. I have also seen them up front my the cashiers hanging. I have not gone to any store but the Brighton one at 23 and Grandriver so I am not sure if this is the same place they will all keep at the other stores. I will stop in another one if I have a chance and see where they have them. I beleave this deal will last all month so if your store is out hopefully they will get more in.

  3. Do they let you do seperate transactions like that or do you leave and come back etc?

  4. First of all these were left over from the RR a few months ago. Not all stores will have them. Second of all...23 and Grand River store was wiped out of them, along with the triaminic and Poise pads that were on clearance.

    The only way to make money on this deal is buying the True North, since someone took all the inventory from Grand River and 23 store. So if you are not interested in True North, save your gas. But thanks for the post.

  5. They will let more then one transaction, I just try and not hold up the line so I will go to the back of the line if more people come up behind me. Try going to the make up counter to check out that is what I did that way you don't hold up the front of the store. You could also call before you had out to a location for a deal like this they often get wiped out fast. There is another Brighton store by Meijer I have not been there so not sure how there stock is but I always like to call if I am making a special trip. The Poise and OneAday deal are running all month so if you don't get right away there is still more time.