Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Best Deal of the Week at Meijer don't miss out

I posted this deal with the Meijer Post this week but wanted to make sure no one missed it. I have been very busy making money on this deal all week:) Deals like this our a great way to earn money towards items you seldom can get free like meat or kitty litter..
This Catalina deal only runs till 9/5
You can get a raincheck for the sale price but not the Catalina

Kool Aid on the go 10-12ct $1
Buy three
Final Price is Free + a $2 Catalina!!!
Must buy three in one order and must be in separate orders to get Catalina each time.

I hope by 9/6 there are no more of these in any Meijer:)

Also this is the last week to use the $5/1 Purina One coupons. The cat food is only $5.99 so $.99 for a bag of good cat food.



  1. I went to buy koolaid singles yesterday and they wouldnt let me do different transactions. I bought 9 boxes and didnt even get any catalina coupons. Any suggestions? I was also lectured on printing more than one coupon from the meijer site.

  2. First I would return all 9 boxes then I would go to manager and let them know what happened. If you got a servey on your receipt I would fill it out and let them know the cashier lectured you. You can print as many coupons of there site as you want that is there policy. If they did not want you to print more then 2-3 they could make it so you can't. I would try it again with another cashier. I normally try and find the younger cashiers or guys they are normally nicer. So sorry you had a bad experence but don't let it turn you off they happen when you coupon:) Let me know if you have any more questions.

  3. still lots of kool-aid at the Howell Meijer this morning.

  4. Thanks for the update you hate to drive out and then they don't have any. Meijer in Brighton was pritty wiped out only a few left.

  5. FYI....sugar-free koolaid isn't producing the catalina. The 9 bought from the 1st comment might have been sugar free, also it's the 12 packs that are part of the deal.

  6. My Meijer ad says 10-12ct and I recieved a catlalina for all the ones in the photo above? Might be different in other areas but check your ad if it says 10-12ct you should be able to go to the service desk and have them right you out $2 coupons. Here is what my ad said. "Buy Any 3 or more Country Time Drink Mixes Any size or Kool-Aid Drink Mixes, Get $2 off Your Next Shopping Trip Via Meijer Custom Coupon"

    Since it says Kool-Aid Drink mixes the Suger free should fall under that if your ad says this I would go to the Customer Service desk and ask for your Catalina.
    Hope this helps Here is the link to my ad