Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kroger Deals Starting 11/23

Super Krogers are Kroger stores that double coupons up to $1 (making a $1 coupon worth $2) Click here for a list of Super Kroger stores. I go to he one in Howell MIe past but the deals are still good

Most items are the same as last week but last weeks deals where great:)

Heinz Gravy $1
Use $1/2 coupon from 11/1 SS insert
Final price is two Free

Ritz Crackers / Nabisco Snack Crackers $1.99 (Select Varieties)
Use $1/1 coupon from 11-8 SS
Final price is free

Turkey Hill Ice Cream (Select Varieties) $2.50
Use $1/1 Coupon From 11/8 RP insert
Final price is $.50

Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.50
Use $1/3 coupon from 11-15 RP
Final price is $2.50 for three comes to $.83 each

The Following items I have posted in the past but the deals are still good

Duracell Batteries $1.88 (AA or AAA 4ct)
Use$1/1 coupon from 11-1 PG
Final price Free

Nestle Refrigerated Cookie Dough $2
Use$1/1 coupon from 11-1 RP
Final price is free

Bounty Basic Paper Towel $.99
Use $1/2 coupon from 11/1 P&G (coupon reads funny says $1 off any 6 count or larger but then it says or two bounty paper towels)
Final price is Free

Krusteaz Cookie Mix $2.19 (sale till 1/31)
Use $1/1 coupon from the 10/11 SS insert
Final price is $.19 each

Ducan Hines Cake Mix $1
Use $.55/2 coupon from the 10/11 SS insert
Final price is two for $.90



  1. Wow I have just started shopping at a new Kroger that doubles to $1. I am in coupon heaven!!!
    Rice Krispies 2.69 use $1/1 11/8RP = $.69

    Pull Ups 8.99 use $2/1 printable and $2/1 cellfire loadable = $4.99

    Crisco baking sticks $3.39 use $1/1 11/8RP = 1.39

    Hershy Kisses $3.00 use $1/1 9/13SS = $1.00

    Playtex living hand gloves (my favorite)$2.62 use $1/1 10/11SS = $.62

  2. Hi Tracy sounds like you are making the most out of the Super Kroger thanks for letting us know your cool finds:)